Alchemy is a hand-sourced, multi-dimensional lifestyle line built from scratch and made with LXVE. Lavish ingredients carefully chosen for their restorative properties are combined with supporting healthy hair and skin. With a foundation of activated charcoal, Keratin, and Argan oil, our formulations deliver a lxvely addition to health and beauty products.


All of our products share the same benefits from these foundational ingredients.

Activated charcoal attaches to impurities, drawing out microparticles such as dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria to the surface of the skin and cuticle. Then they can be removed with a simple water rinse.

Keratin infuses the cuticle and skin with protein, strengthening wherever it’s applied. We found the perfect balance in the amount we add to each formula to deliver optimal benefits without causing any damage from overuse.

Argan oil deposits moisture to smooth the cuticle and skin cells. It helps neutralize frizz and prevents your skin from turning ashy and dry.


The Paste

The ultimate essential to create style and shape with your hair. Flexible yet durable, this unique styling paste allows your style to be easily redone at any point during the day. Not shiny, not matte, just ideal for producing a lived-in look.

The Wax

Creates a textured look, and ideal for a messy, not every hair is in place vibe. Features an excellent hold that will last throughout the entire day. Washes out with water but can be reworked on the day after use.

The Pomade

Creates a sleek finished look, ideal for those looking for the perfect amount of shine. A re-workable pomade that gives definition yet flexible all-day hold.