Art Gallery

Why an Art Gallery?

We wanted to create a place to see and or buy artworks by emerging, established, or master artists— but most importantly, a place where art lovers can meet. Whether seasoned or just starting their collection, our gallery is about education. Come and enjoy the vibes.

How long does each collection last?

Each collection will be reset every quarter. The window for acquiring one of our pieces at the "lxve" price is three months. Every quarter we will have a new installation from a different artist.

What is the buying process like?

After picking out the art you lxve, and if you live in the same city as the gallery, we will deliver and mount your painting. Online sales are shipped with mounting instructions and hardware.

by hearthbroken reality

the current collection

Sam, the artist known as Heartbroken Reality, opened the doors to his studio, and we got a chance to record some behind-the-scenes content. This video means a lot because artists are known to be private, especially when creating. For Sam to open his doors and record his process will help illustrate how vital the gallery is to our lxve ecosystem. The Heartbroken Reality collection is our first. Enjoy the process and browse the collection. Peace, Lxve & Happiness.

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