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A full on grooming package that can be accomplished at home. 1. How to maintain your beard well groomed 2. How to tame your sideburns 3. How to properly line up your haircut 4. How to style your [...]

London xo Sosa

London town in under 1 minute! My first trip, short. Shy of a 96-hour stay, and that is including travel. From the moment I landed, the objective was to keep moving—sightseeing, then food, back [...]

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  • Sosa
    Sosa Chief Creative Officer

    I am many things done w/ #LXVE. i.e., creative, a husband, a father, a barber, an entrepreneur, and, most importantly, the unapologetic me.

    Fortunately, authenticity has lead me to believe in growth > consistency.

  • I hate it when switching barbers, you never know if your hair is going to come out just right. Just check your worries at the door with LXVE. Kandie took care of me! She gave me a men's cut, rinse, razor shave with a mini facial. The hole experience was like being at the Spa. Love it! She paid attention to every detail and came out looking like a million bucks! This is now my only barber shop that I will go to and you will too!

    Keoni A
  • Came all the way from Australia and usually get a cut every week back home from the same barber, but I was scared to trust any barbers in America for 2 weeks until I saw this place on google. Extremely happy with the whole experience at Lxve studios and especially Rockstar who cut my hair. He gave me the freshest cut I've ever gotten and an amazing experience. The service and vibe in the studio is awesome. If I was ever back in Vegas I would book again with rockstar %100. 10/10 experience

    Jus S
  • This place does not deserve 5 stars. IT DESERVES 10 's!! The service is amazing at Lxve Studios. RD ,My barber, is incredible.He is always in good spirits when I get there and dose a FANTASTIC job every time. So if you're interested in high quality customer service and outstanding craftsmanship then make sure you don't sleep on Lxve studios. They got exactly what you need. I Fxckin Lxve it!

    Mike R
  • By far, the best experience I have ever had getting my hair cut, shave, and mini facial. Thank you Charlie. You can bet, I'll be coming back for more.

    Joshua L
  • One of the best haircut I've ever had. The service is one of a kind. The ambience is relaxing. Thanks Raul! You're awesome man.

    Ar-em U