We do our best to exceed your expectations, with our overall goal being to provide a luxurious experience. Members, therefore, benefit from preferred booking. We recognize that every schedule is unique; thus, our program allows appointments to be scheduled via text message or phone call. Lxve Studios provides a private environment to receive their barbershop services. In addition to a separate entrance for those not wanting to be seen. This private studio is lavishly accented with our most expensive art pieces. Only available to purchase for our members. The liquor array is top shelf with several selections of whiskey and tequila.

the benefits of exclusivity

The benefits of our LXVE membership include extended hours for booking at no additional charge. Member prices on all products sold and early access to our clothing line collections. Three complimentary 'Wash & Style' and or "Razor Neck Shaves' every month. First access to our monthly LXVE-AFTER-DARK events and the ultimate exclusive grooming club experience. A bag of our Roasted-with-Lxve coffee delivered monthly, and access to the Trading-with-Lxve network.

Membership Club

$ 125
  • Preferred booking by texting or calling for services (not included in membership dues)
  • Extended hours 9 am- 7 pm
  • Intro bag of coffee or a logo tee
  • Three complimentary 'Wash & Styles' or 'Razor Neck Shaves' per month
  • Top Shelve beverages
  • 1st access to Lxve-After-Dark events
  • Access to the Trade-w/-Lxve
  • 10% off any products or merch