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The ultimate essential to create style and shape with your hair. Flexible yet strong, this unique styling paste allows your style to be easily redone at any point during the day. Not shiny, not matte, just ideal to produce a lived-in look.

All of our products share the same benefits from these foundational ingredients:

Activated charcoal attaches to impurities, drawing out micro particles such as dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria to the surface of the skin and cuticle. Then they can be removed with a simple water rinse.

Keratin infuses the cuticle and skin with protein, strengthening wherever it’s applied. We found the perfect balance in the amount we add to each formula to deliver optimal benefits without causing any damage from overuse.

Argan oil deposits moisture to smooth the cuticle and skin cells. It helps prevent frizz and keeps your skin from turning ashy and dry.

Use: Apply a dime sized amount to your palms, rub to soften and emulsify, then apply to hair and scalp.

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Dimensions2.375 × 2.375 × 2.25 in